Seminar Research Papers

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Seminar Research Papers

Before you begin the assignment, consider how much time you will need to complete the work.

If you find too little, try to rephrase your idea in a way that it can be supported by the existing literature.

, the senior seminar course for Environmental Studies, provides advanced ES students with the opportunity to apply what they have learned in earlier coursework to a “real world” sustainability challenge in the local community.

Students identify an issue, find a community agency to collaborate with, and develop and carry out their research.

You may find using note cards makes it easier to keep track of sources and materials you have used.

Use different coloured cards to distinguish between the different sub-categories within your main hypothesis and argument. Also write down all the reference information you will later need for your bibliography, such as the year a book or journal was published or website addresses and the dates you viewed them - websites are regularly updated and the information may change over a short period of time.

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Write a short schedule to help you keep track of the time limit: list the days you have left and what times you can work on the paper.