Self Concept Research Papers Writing An Essay In Response To Literature

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The managers from the urban community followed the independent culture.When asked to describe themselves, they primarily used descriptions of their own personal traits without comparison to others within their group.Physical ability includes concepts such as physical strength and endurance, while appearance refers to attractiveness.Adolescents experience significant changes in general physical self-concept at the on-set of puberty, about 11 years old for girls and about 15 years old for boys.The kibbutz managers followed the interdependent culture.They used hobbies and preferences to describe their traits, which is more frequently seen in interdependent cultures as these serve as a means of comparison with others in their society.

Some assert that gender stereotypes and expectations set by parents for their children affect children's understanding of themselves by approximately age 3.

In other words, one's self-evaluation relies on self-perceptions and how others perceive them.

Self-concept can alternate rapidly between the personal and social identity.

There was also a large focus on residence, lending to the fact they share resources and living space with the others from the kibbutz.

These types of differences were also seen in a study done with Swedish and Japanese adolescents.

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A small study carried out in Israel showed that the divide between independent and interdependent self-concepts exists within cultures as well.