School Life Is Better Than College Life Essay

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School Life Is Better Than College Life Essay

Instead of paying attention to their studies, students take interest in other activities. They spoil the atmosphere of teaching and learning.The main aim is to pass the examinations and obtain certificates at any cost.

We enjoyed tea together; friends’ meetings together; evening walk together; games together; and many other things together. It was during the intermediate level that I realized that student’s life was really much pleasant life. 1 appeared in the final exams, I was now diverted to think about my family. For qualification and quality, there was the possibility of chance only in private schools.

In this phase pupils decidedly will see different alteration in their milieus. I get to do determinations by myself which I need to larn to be independent in my life.

In this chapter pupils possibly analyze abroad or place state surveies. 3Current Experience As a college pupil analyze off from place.

I have to have on unvarying to school every twenty-four hours. Slipper and short bloomerss are non allowed in Inti College which is really easy to be follow. The school establishes category agenda to make full up most of the times of school yearss.

I am non allowed to go to school if I am have oning insouciant wear to school. I can have on any jerseies I like to school every twenty-four hours. There is merely half an hr of interruption clip to rest.

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I do non needfully acquire reminders about assignment deadlines or readying for trials and tests. I have to prioritise my demands and make up one’s mind what to pass on. 1comparison between two experience Attendance College school’s attending is counted as recognition hr which will do me loosen up a spot.