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There are different colleges found in every cross-section of the country and each of them have different admission requirements and criteria.Although there are other factors that determine the success of an applicant, the role of SAT scores cannot be over-emphasised.The 50th percentile corresponds to a SAT score of 1080. The SAT is designed in such a way that the average score is a few points away from 1000 on the total score scale and 500 on the sub score scale.With this deliberate pattern, the test scores are distributed on an even scale.One has to understand the SAT scoring process in order to effectively determine what can be termed as a good SAT score.The total score ranges from 400 – 1600 while the sub scores range from 200 – 800.Simply search for the admission data of the schools you intend applying to.

Regardless of this, an outstanding SAT score is the first step taken towards securing your admission.

This data will be available on the schools’ website.

With this method, you will have an idea of the SAT score you need to have in order to secure your admission to the school of your choice.

The test is administered by the College Board in order to assess and evaluate the verbal, mathematical, and written skills of interested candidates.

For students who wish to study a particular course, the SAT subject tests are available to test the applicant’s knowledge of that particular subject.

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Your score on your SATs can be a critical factor in determining your acceptance at the college of your choice.

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