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Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses.Sarah Vowell read excerpts from her collection of essays, The Partly Cloudy Patriot, published by Simon and Schuster. Vowell focused her gift for humorous social commentary on American history.Her essays confront a wide range of subjects, themes, icons, and historical moments: Ike, Teddy Roosevelt, and Bill Clinton; Canadian Mounties and German filmmakers; Tom Cruise and Buffy the Vampire Slayer; twins and nerds; the Gettysburg Address, the State of the Union, and George W. The result is a teeming and engrossing book, capturing Vowell's memorable wit and her keen social commentary. Thank you again Sarahstraight up, i am really not a fan of sarah vowell's love affair with american exceptionalism & naked liberal partisanship. I'll admit that I”m not one to eagerly debate American politics, the economy or foreign policy, I'm just not articu-literary enough in that way. I can't say the same for 2004, there were tears, soon replaced by complete disillusionment.

She is still a member of its advisory board, along with its sister organization in Los Angeles, 826LA.

Distinguishing herself from the fair weather patriots disparaged by Thomas Paine, she analyzed past and current events for insights into American life.

The essays contemplate a number of themes, including her happiness when touring the sites of the battles at Gettysburg or why people inappropriately compare themselves to civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks. Vowell answered questions from the audience after her presentation.

& i know, i know, when you're on national public radio as often as she is, it stands to reason that your audience is going to be mostly white people. & then there was her piece about how obnoxious it is when people compare themselves to rosa parks.

because, you know, rosa parks was such a unique individual, flying in the face of institutionalized racism, a lone freedom fighter in the shape of a weary middle-aged lady just trying to get home after a long day, sparking off the civil rights movement with her renegade refusal to give up her seat on the bus.

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