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Right To Counsel Paper Essay

But it's also one that I would hope is relatively easy to answer.

Whether or not non-citizens held outside the territorial United States are entitled to affirmatively invoke individual constitutional rights in litigation against the federal government (an issue on which reasonable people will surely disagree), it seems to me an entirely different matter when those rights are invoked defensively in criminal proceedings initiated by the U. government, be they civilian trials or military commissions.

Whatever else may be said of this analysis, the one point that seems clear is that Stone was analyzing only the right to jury trial, and not the more general applicability of the Sixth Amendment to trials by military commission.

Indeed, it is black-letter law in the military that servicemembers (who, thanks to doesn't control whether non-citizens at Guantanamo are constitutionally entitled to the assistance of counsel in criminal proceedings (including military commissions), I dare say it's an open question.

Trial by jury of criminal contempts may constitutionally be dispensed with in the federal courts in those cases in which they could be tried without a jury at common law.

Similarly, an action for debt to enforce a penalty inflicted by Congress is not subject to the constitutional restrictions upon criminal prosecutions.

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To date, no court has reached the question of whether any of the Sixth Amendment applies at Guantanamo (, of course, appears to stand for the proposition that the Fifth Amendment's Due Process Clause does not apply).

The standard citation for the proposition that the Sixth Amendment doesn't apply to military commissions is The Fifth and Sixth Amendments, while guaranteeing the continuance of certain incidents of trial by jury which Article III, § 2 had left unmentioned, did not enlarge the right to jury trial as it had been established by that Article.

Hence petty offenses triable at common law without a jury may be tried without a jury in the federal courts, notwithstanding Article III, § 2, and the Fifth and Sixth Amendments.

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