Resume Writing Business Plan Research Concept Paper Format

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Resume Writing Business Plan

In the United States, the human resource consulting industry is a big and thriving industry.The resume writing service business is a business which is filed under the human resource consulting industry, and people who operate a resume writing agency could be rightly called Human Resources consultants.MISSION STATEMENT Our mission in the industry is to offer very quality resume writing services and other related document writing services to individuals, profit organizations as well as to non-profit organization to be able to accomplish their application needs.We want to be the number one choice for document preparation and any other document related service.So in this article, efforts have been made to provide you with a reliable and simple resume writing services business plan sample.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Real Deal HR Consulting, LLC is a resume writing service business which has been duly registered, licensed and permitted to operate in Washington DC, United States.Because of this, we have been able to consult several sales and marketing experts and consultants for us to be able to draft out our sales and marketing strategy to make us stand out in the industry.

To startup Real Deal HR Consulting, LLC in Washington DC, we will require a total liquid startup capital which amounts to 0,000.

His experience will largely benefit Real Deal HR Consulting, LLC.

OUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES The Real Deal HR Consulting, LLC is a resume writing service provider which will be very excited about offering its resume writing services to clients within the United States.

Nonetheless, we will make sure to hire only employees who are very hardworking, competent, honest and experienced.

The following are the positions to be occupied by employees to make up our business structure: MARKET ANALYSIS Market Trend One intriguing trend in the industry is that most entrepreneurs in the resume writing business are no longer just settling down for clients who are in their immediate environment.

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Starting up a resume writing service business would require you to have fulfilled a number of key steps.