Research Papers Privacy Rights Of Employees In Workplaces Are Humans To Blame For Global Warming Essay

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Research Papers Privacy Rights Of Employees In Workplaces

Within the workplace, surveillance of employees may be undertaken using video cameras or audio recording devices.

Psychological or personality testing will generally take place in the pre-employment stage, but may also be used during employment for making decisions on promotions and other job related decisions.It may also be used for training purposes or to improve production processes.Surveillance can be criticised due to its inhibiting effect on employees: when one knows that every action is recorded, it causes one to 'hesitate before pausing in the course of one's work, taking a breather, yawning, or otherwise being oneself without affecting one's work'.[8] This can lead to an increase in worker stress.[9] It becomes particularly offensive to workers' dignity when cameras are placed in areas where employees might reasonably expect to enjoy privacy, such as in bathrooms or changing rooms.There will be occasions where the right must yield to competing interests.[7] Such limitations are readily apparent when one considers the privacy of employees in the workplace.This paper will focus on three specific categories of privacy invasive activities in the employment and pre-employment relationship: surveillance; monitoring; and, physical and psychological testing.

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This discussion will be aided by references to reform in other jurisdictions, focusing particularly on the recent proposal by the Victorian Law Reform Commission.