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Research Papers On Biotechnology

The first was a search for naturally occurring substances that were effective against microorganisms (antibiosis).The second was a search for chemicals that would have the same effect (chemotherapy).Rather the word has been used for almost a century to reflect a changing combination of the manipulation of organisms, the means of multiplying them using fermentation, and the extraction of useful products.Moreover, while the technology of the 1980s was new, claims that the introduction of biotechnology would mark a new industrial revolution had been made with conviction and vision since the time of World War I.The term biotechnology came into popular use around 1980 and was understood to mean the industrial use of microorganisms to make goods and services (Commission of the European Communities, 1979).Although biotechnology is often associated with the application of genetics, that is too narrow an interpretation.A few breed organizations modified standards to discourage breeding of genetically flawed animals and promote heterozygosity.In the early years of the twentieth century, the search for agents that would be effective against internal infections proceeded along two main routes.

The principle behind chemotherapy was that there was a relationship between chemical structure and pharmacological action.

It aims to disseminate knowledge, provide a learned reference in the field, and establish channels of communication between academic and research experts, policy makers and executives in industry, commerce and investment institutions.

The main objective of IJBT is to promote policy-oriented research in the field of biotechnology (covering medicine, agriculture, industry and allied fields).

It helps to identify ways by which biotechnology can be harnessed to contribute to economic development, global competitiveness and environmental management.

IJBT publishes policy-oriented research papers as well as state-of-the-art reviews Professionals, academics, researchers and policy makers IJBT publishes original and review papers, technical reports, case studies, conference reports, management reports, book reviews, and notes, commentaries, and news.

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Unfortunately, atoxyl also damaged the optic nerve.