Research Paper On Mathematics

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Research Paper On Mathematics

Haymaker PDF Well-posedness and stability of a semilinear Mindlin-Timoshenko plate model, Pei Pei PDF The Neural Ring: Using Algebraic Geometry to Analyze Neural Codes, Nora Youngs PDF Development and Application of Difference and Fractional Calculus on Discrete Time Scales, Tanner J.

Gipson PDF Bioinformatic Game Theory and Its Application to Cluster Multi-domain Proteins, Brittney Keel PDF Extremal Results for the Number of Matchings and Independent Sets, Lauren Keough PDF Crosscap Number: Handcuff Graphs and Unknotting Number, Anne Kerian PDF Tame Filling Functions and Closure Properties, Anisah Nu'Man PDF Analysis of Neuronal Sequences Using Pairwise Biases, Zachary Roth PDF Systems of parameters and the Cohen-Macaulay property, Katharine Shultis PDF Local and Nonlocal Models in Thin-Plate and Bridge Dynamics, Jeremy Trageser PDF Betti sequences over local rings and connected sums of Gorenstein rings, Zheng Yang PDF Boundary Value Problems of Nabla Fractional Difference Equations, Abigail M.

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