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Humans can become infected by these protozoa mainly by way of vector; specifically the female Anopheles mosquito or by transfusion of infected blood or needle sharing with an infected person (Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, 1997).

Currently malaria is mostly isolated to Sub-Saharan Africa, India, Southern Asia, and Central and South America therefore predisposing travelers and the indigenous people in these locations to this disease (Mc Conell, 2002). The first cycle begins when the mosquito ingests microgametocytes (male) and macro gametocytes (female) from an infected human during a blood meal.

For travelers entering a high-risk geographical area it is strongly recommended that they start prophylactic antimalarial drugs one week prior to leaving and four weeks after returning.

Travelers should also keep in mind that these drugs are not 100% effective and other preventative measures as listed above should be taken (Turkington, 1998).

We are also contributing to the spread of the disease by way of fast and convenient air travel.

Cerebral malaria is often a complication arising in adults infected with malaria.It is in this erythrocytic stage that the clinical manifestations of the disease become evident (CDC).The clinical presentation of the disease depends on the infecting species, level of parasitemia, and the immune status of the host. ovale parasites can persist in the liver in a dormant state for weeks or even years and then cause relapses (CDC).In twelve days there will be many thousand young parasites known as merozoites in one liver cell.The liver cell then ruptures and releases these merozoites into the blood stream where they enter the red blood cells.

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