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Research on pathogenesis and public health address two sides of the same coin and underpin the effective control of HIV-associated disease and the spread of HIV in the population.As an innovative collaboration and cross-fertilization between Frontiers in Immunology and Frontiers in Public Health, the HIV and AIDS specialty section aims to bring together studies on pathogenesis and on public health aspects.It is a condition of publication that manuscripts submitted to this journal have not been published and will not be simultaneously submitted or published elsewhere.Plagiarism is strictly forbidden, and by submitting the article for publication the authors agree that the publishers have the legal right to take appropriate action against the authors, if plagiarism or fabricated information is discovered.

The novel pioneering work in the basic and clinical fields on all areas of HIV research covers: virus replication and gene expression, HIV assembly, virus-cell interaction, viral pathogenesis, epidemiology and transmission, anti-retroviral therapy and adherence, drug discovery, the latest developments in HIV/AIDS vaccines and animal models, mechanisms and interactions with AIDS related diseases, social and public health issues related to HIV disease, and prevention of viral infection.

Chronic immune activation and inflammation are considered major drivers of the disease, but it is unclear which interactions of HIV with the innate immune system via which receptors are critical.

It is suggested that inflammation is also the cause of HIV-associated non-AIDS diseases and, given that even in HAART-controlled HIV infections the risk for non-AIDS disease is high, inflammation may be a therapeutic target in HIV infection.

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Despite enormous international collaborative efforts and detailed research into neutralizing antibodies and HIV specific cellular immunity, effective immunotherapy or an efficacious vaccine are not yet available.