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In his recent, posthumous report, which drew a flurry of press, Dr. Strominger as well as Malcolm Perry and Sasha Haco of Cambridge University. Strominger is hopeful that physicists one day will be able to understand black holes just by reading what is written in this soft hair.“We didn’t prove it,” he said in an email.

Hawking and his colleagues endeavored to show how this optimistic idea could work. But, he added, they did succeed in showing how all the pieces could fit together: “If our guess is right, this paper will be of central importance.

Hawking’s tombstone, in Westminster Abbey, where it presumably will endure the ages. If nature can forget you, it could forget anything — a deathblow to the ability of science to reconstruct the past or predict the future. Hawking told a conference at Harvard a couple years ago. Hawking maintained in his 1975 paper, the paradoxical quantum effects that Einstein had once dismissed, saying that God doesn’t play dice, were adding an extra forgetfulness to nature. Hawking wrote, “but he often throws them where they can’t be seen.”Those were fighting words to other physicists; it was a basic tenet that the proverbial film of history can be run backward, to reconstruct what happened in, say, the collision of a pair of subatomic particles in a high-energy collider. Hawking, could explain how black holes actually process the information that enters or exits them.

But scientists have been having a blast theorizing about the nature of space-time, information and memory.

Black holes are objects so dense that, according to Einstein’s law of general relativity, not even light can escape. Hawking turned these objects, and the rest of physics, inside-out.

In our little bubble of the Milky Way, we might always remember Aretha and Cleopatra and Shakespeare and Hawking. Dennis Overbye joined The Times in 1998, and has been a reporter since 2001.Hawking was the manifestation of perseverance; stricken by Lou Gehrig’s disease, he managed to conquer the universe from a wheelchair.The fate of matter or information caught in a black hole is one that defined his career, and it has become one of the deepest issues in physics.Every other detail about what falls into a black hole disappears from the universe’s memory banks.A black hole has no complications — no hair — the saying went.

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Some have suggested that you can’t even get into a black hole without being vaporized by a firewall of energy, let alone get back out. Andrew Strominger of Harvard discovered that, when viewed from the right mathematical perspective — that of a light ray headed toward the infinite future — black holes are more complicated than we thought. Strominger has called “soft hair,” in the form of those imaginary light rays, which can be ruffled, stroked, twisted and otherwise arranged by material coming into the black hole.