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In AODV-BR, there is no problem for building alternative routes in the reply phase.

This makes the management and maintenance of the alternative routes become easier.

Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is one of the most widely used networks, which has attracted attentions, having features such as limited energy resources, limited bandwidth, and security weaknesses due to lack of a central infrastructure.

Safe and suitable routing is one of the research aspects of MANET.

AODV-BFABL protocol is developed for such scenarios and created based on AODV-ABL, but it has two fundamental improvements.

First, it merges the original and alternative routing tables; that is, there will be only one entry per destination node in the table.

In Section 5, conclusions and suggestions for further studies are provided. No additional message is required during the construction of alternative routes.

Using these alternative routes, AODV-BR can offer a more stable connection compared with AODV.

In AODV-BR, when a node detects the failure link, it applies a single data broadcast to its neighbors, which sends the packets to destination via the alternative route and then sends a RERR packet to the source node to recreate a route discovery phase. It tries to repair link failures without informing the source node and disrupting data delivery.

MANETs are currently widely used around the world, but they are, unfortunately, extremely vulnerable.

MANETs had been under different attacks all the time.

There are different routing methods in this network, but each of them has some defections and has been vulnerable against some attacks.

The main motivation of this study is improving a routing protocol in MANET because finding an efficient routing protocol which can also address malicious behaviors in the best manner has always been in researchers’ minds.

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The issue of “one-hop data broadcasting” minimally affects heavy network traffic because it creates loads of unnecessary and duplicate data packets that travel through alternative routes [5–7]. Since transmission performance can be improved, if a link failure can be repaired locally, there would be no need for any data retransmission of the source.

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