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Research Paper Editing Software

Once you have a topic in mind, it's time to conduct your research and compile your notes.

Whether you need to transcribe an interview, access paywalled research papers, or see what else has been published online, these tools can help.

Whether you're trying to weave together a jumble of ideas, fix split infinitives, or nail down that hard-to-think-of word, there are plenty of writing apps to help you.

But vetting those tools and determining which fit best with your writing style takes time. The following 15 writing tools help you brainstorm, research, write, and edit better and faster—and they're all free to use.

Enter up to five nouns into the generator, and it produces titles for five blog posts (or 250 if you're willing to provide contact information).

While the titles it suggests are somewhat formulaic, it does provide suggestions for unique angles you can take with your piece.

Plus, if you hover over a bullet point, you'll see options to complete, add a note to, share, export, duplicate, or delete that item.

Use the option to tick off sections of your outline as you finish writing them, or drag and drop bulleted lists to organize your outline into logical sections.

Plus, you can automate your note taking with Evernote's Zapier integrations.

Reality," "The Next Big Thing in Conferences," and "This Week's Top Stories About Conferences." You can take those suggestions and run with them, or read through them to try and trigger other ideas for topics and angles you're interested in writing about.

Hub Spot Blog Ideas Generator Pricing: Free If you try these tools and are still staring at a blank page, check out some of our favorite writing tips for generating ideas and overcoming writer's block.

But what about when you need to write something but have no idea what to write about?

In that scenario, Hub Spot Blog Ideas Generator helps.

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Sometimes, the hardest part of writing is figuring out what you want to write about.

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