Research Paper About Bullying

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Research Paper About Bullying

Self-report measures were completed at 3 time points across 3 school years in 6 Midwest high schools. In addition, peer victimization increased the odds of internalizing problems. More experiences in peer exclusion–victimization (β = .200, p = .024) and lower cognitive functioning (β = –.465, p Romero, A. The data from the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS) cross-sectional subsamples of Latino/a youth (N = 13,378) at every year of data collection between 20 were examined for bullying, gun carrying, and suicidality.

Structural equation modeling indicated that peer victimization was an antecedent to depressive symptoms, and that school belonging mediated the association. Social services must be expended in low-income communities to effectively address peer victimization and substance use among urban African-American youth. Results indicate that Latina girls are significantly more likely than boys to make a suicide attempt and report more bullying and more cyberbullying, but are less likely to carry a gun.

AI youth who reported higher levels of protective factors were less likely to report internalizing symptoms and suicidality even in the presence of bullying involvement. Experiences of peer exclusion and victimization, cognitive functioning, and depression among adolescent cancer survivors in South Korea.

For example, AI youth who reported high levels of internal assets had half the odds of reporting internalizing symptoms compared with those with low levels of internal assets (OR = 0.53, confidence interval [CI] 0.38, 0.74). Sexual harassment victimization, school belonging, and depressive symptoms among LGBTQ adolescents: Temporal insights. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 88(4), 441-449. Adolescents who reenter school after treatment for cancer may face certain challenges, such as social exclusion by their peers and difficulties in cognitive functioning, due to the cancer treatment and its psychosocial sequelae.

Being bullied or carrying a gun were significantly associated with greater likelihood of suicide attempt among both boys and girls.

Youth who carried a gun overall had higher rates of suicide attempts whether they were bullied or not, whereas youth who did not carry a gun were significantly more likely to attempt suicide if they were bullied.

A sequential mixed-methods approach was used to collect data from 26 young people with CF (10−16 years of age).

These data were compared with large samples of healthy children.

All forms of bullying perpetration and victimization were associated with increased risk for mental health problems (odds ratio [OR]: 1.57–2.87).

Over the past 10 years, gun carrying has decreased significantly for Latino boys and suicide attempts have decreased significantly for Latina girls.

Findings have important implications of considering intersections of race and gender when developing antibullying and suicide prevention strategies.

Data come from 1,409 8th, 9th, and 11th Grade AI students who completed the 2013 Minnesota Student Survey.

Logistic regression models estimated associations between bullying involvement and internalizing symptoms and suicidality.

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