Refugees Essay Questions Restate Thesis Statement In Conclusion

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If the return of refugees is prevented (often by civil war), a humanitarian crisis can result or continue.

There may be a high number of persons per usable tap stand (against a standard number of one per 80 persons).

Drainage of water from bathroom and kitchen use may be poor and garbage may be disposed in a haphazard fashion.

There may be few or no sanitary facilities accessible for people with disabilities.

WFP is frequently unable to provide all of these staples, thus calories are distributed through whatever commodity is available, e.g. Up to 80 or 90% of the refugees sell part or most of their food ration to get cash.

Loss of the ration card means no entitlement to food. Research found that if enough aid is provided, the refugees' stimulus effects can boost the host countries economy.

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At the end of 2015, some 67 percent of refugees around the world lived in individual, private accommodations.

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