Rear Window Essay Conclusion Abortions Should Be Illegal Essay

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Rear Window Essay Conclusion

is usually studied in the Australian curriculum under Area of Study 1 - Text Response.

For a detailed guide on Text Response, check out our Ultimate Guide to VCE Text Response. ‘Jeff’ Jeffries is portrayed by James Stewart, who was known at the time for portraying cowboys in various Western films as well as starring in an earlier Hitchcock film Despite some initial misgivings, his insurance nurse Stella (Thelma Ritter) and lover Lisa (Grace Kelly) also come to share his suspicions and participate in his spying.

Even Jeff has misgivings about what he’s seeing: “Do you suppose it’s ethical to watch a man with binoculars, and a long-focus lens—until you can see the freckles on the back of his neck, and almost read his mail?

Do you suppose it’s ethical even if you prove he didn’t commit a crime?

Jeff on one hand resembles the ‘macho’ men of action whom Stewart is very accustomed to playing.

During this era, people really did fear one another, since the threat of Communism felt so widespread.In particular, there was a real fear in America of Communist influences and Soviet espionage—so much so that a tribunal was established, supposedly to weed out Communists despite a general lack of evidence.This practice of making accusations without such evidence is now known as the Mc Carthyism, named after the senator behind the tribunal.Jeff’s exaggerated interpretations of his neighbours’ actions lead him to an irrational sense of suspicion, which is in many way the basis of the entire film.At the same time, the 1950s saw a boom in photojournalism as a legitimate profession.

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Possibly the central tenet of the film is the big question of privacy.

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