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Read Essays By Alice Walker

One of the things I like about it is that the main character Hiccup loses a leg in his battle to save his dragon friends and enlighten his Viking community. Read more In 2006 Alice Walker, working with Women for Women International, visited Rwanda and the eastern Congo to witness the aftermath of the genocide in Kigali.Invited by Code Pink, an antiwar group working to end the Iraq War, Walker traveled to Palestine/Israel three years later to view the devastation on the Gaza Strip. Bearing witness to the depravity and cruelty, she presents the stories of the individuals who crossed her path and shared their tales of suffering and courage.At first I wanted the artist to put on a fake one, but then I thought no: Life gives us broken toenails and worse to let us remember where we’ve been and the struggles we’ve overcome.I felt this way a few months ago watching How To Train Your Dragon, a movie I like a lot.Read more In this, her first collection of nonfiction, Alice Walker speaks out as a black woman, writer, mother, and feminist in thirty-six pieces ranging from the personal to the political.Among the contents are essays about other writers, accounts of the civil rights movement of the 1960s and the antinuclear movement of the 1980s, and a vivid memoir of a scarring childhood injury and her daughter’s healing words. She takes on subjects at which most writers would flinch and quail, and probably fail.In her powerful third collection, Alice Walker writes vivid, beautiful poems of breakdown and spiritual disarray.Read more I like to carry a small book of poetry in my purse at all times to transform the frustration of gridlock or late lunch partners into a sanctuary.

Since her first short story, “To Hell with Dying,” which was “discovered” by the poet Langston Hughes in 1967 to “Though War is Old / It has not / Become wise,” Walker writes in this eloquent poem.Situated squarely in that terrifying paradise called freedom, precipitously out on so many emotional limbs, it was as if I had been born; and in fact I was being reborn as the woman I was to become.” Read more A family from the United States goes to the remote Sierras in Mexico–the writer-to-be, Susannah; her sister, Magdalena; her father and mother.And there, amid an endangered band of mixed-race Blacks and Indians called the Mundo, they begin an encounter that will change them more than they could ever dream.She shrinks from no moral or emotional complexity, and she writes consummately skillful short stories…in Walker’s work nothing is ordinary…. The status of black American women is explored in this collection of nonfiction writings.Writing these, Walker says, “led me eventually into a larger understanding of the psyche, and of the world.” What finally marks this volume is the strong sense of change and, ultimately, of forgiveness as a part of growth.

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If you look into her eyes you are right to know she is not thinking of your dinner.

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