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A physician should be aware of these disparities in order to establish a good rapport and optimize communication with the patient.Additionally, having a clear perception of these disparities can go a long way to helping the patient in the future treatment.Physicians have a tendency of overestimating their communication skills, Extensive research conducted on 700 orthopedic surgeons and 807 patients, for instance, found that 75% of the surgeons perceived they satisfactorily communicated with their patients, whereas only 21% of the patients were actually satisfied with their communication.Physicians also show a high likelihood of underestimating their patients' information needs and desires, especially for patients were not college educated and from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.It may be further beneficial for the doctor–patient relationship to have a form of shared care with patient empowerment to take a major degree of responsibility for her or his care.Those who go to a doctor typically do not know exact medical reasons of why they are there, which is why they go to a doctor in the first place.Does giving a sugar pill lead to an undermining of trust between doctor and patient?Is deceiving a patient for his or her own good compatible with a respectful and consent-based doctor–patient relationship?

A majority of physicians employ a variation of this communication model to some degree, as it is only with this technique that a doctor can maintain the open cooperation of his or her patient.The physician may be viewed as superior to the patient simply because physicians tend to use big words and concepts to put him or herself in a position above the patient.The physician–patient relationship is also complicated by the patient's suffering (patient derives from the Latin patior, "suffer") and limited ability to relieve it on his or her own, potentially resulting in a state of desperation and dependency on the physician.and other national Balint societies in other countries.It is one of the most influential works on the topic of doctor-patient relationships.

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Enhancing the accuracy of the diagnosis and increasing the patient's knowledge about the disease all come with a good relationship between the doctor and the patient.

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