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In any case, analyzing the diverse purposes behind the languages that appear in schools can deepen the understanding of resulting educational systems in the world, and possibly suggest improvements in terms of bilingual education.References Steve Mc Carty Steve Mc Carty is a Professor at Osaka Jogakuin College and University in Japan.

Languages are regarded as useless or attractive according to the economic power or cultural prestige attributed to them by the mainstream of a society, which tends to privilege national or international languages.

However, other levels of bilingualism, including their cultural dimensions, do influence bilingual education.

All people have a cultural identity and a linguistic repertoire, the languages they can use to some extent.

Bilingualism was analyzed into four levels in another paper: individual, family, societal, and school levels (Mc Carty, 2010b).

Bilingual education is bilingualism at the school level.

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The contrast in treating minority students can be as stark as a choice between assimilation and multicultural policies (Grosjean, 1982, p. Various Purposes of Bilingual Education There are "varying aims of bilingual education" because it "does not necessarily concern the balanced use of two languages in the classroom.