Preschool Classroom Observation Essay

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Preschool Classroom Observation Essay

Along with a library being used as a quiet area, there was a couch placed near the art center out of the way from all centers for children to sit on.Most of the time that I observed was during free play, centers and circle time.In the same area as the art center was the writing center.In this center was maps, chalk and chalk board, stencils, a ruler, notepads, loose paper and pencils.There were “age appropriate” toys as well as books all over the 232).Most kids are walking well before the age of 2 (pg. She dried her hands after she was done and then walked over to another area where she sat down with two other girls that were playing with different types of blocks.The child ratio was 2 teachers to about every 8 children. As I entered there was one large room that almost looked as if it could be two rooms they way it was set up.One half consisted of a large bookshelf with numerous books on it with a couch in the front of it.

The first thing I began looking for was if the child-teacher ratio was correct.

SETTING The date of my observation was April 27th, 2010.

It was about in the morning when I began my study.

She was unsure of the lessons left for her so she improvised and did a great job.

Throughout free play a group of girls were playing; their exact intention I am not sure of.

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This was done so the children know where do place the clothing when they are done with it or cleaning up.

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