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Postgraduate Essay Writing

you will need this if you go on to do a Ph D, and you won't get this by having someone else doing hte work for you.

The people on this forum are working hard to earn qualifications that accurately reflect their abilities in and commitment to their chosen subjects - qualifications that will then help them to compete for (e.g.) jobs and funded Ph D places. And person below, you got your "best mark yet"??????? And you mean to say that you are actually happy with it?

It is useful to reference key themes and traditions and base them in the context of your own argument.

Try to avoid making sweeping generalisations about the work of others.

It can often be helpful to introduce the topic, provide an exegesis of the discussion, and indicate your overall conclusion.

It is also helpful to check that your formatting looks professional and meets departmental guidelines.

For example, double-check font size, line spacing, justification, paragraph spacing, and headings.

Instead, engage critically with their research as this will demonstrate understanding.

Be cautious of using online sources unless you are certain that they have been peer-reviewed.

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