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African-American writers announced themselves in the 20th century much more by the essay than by novel or poetry.It becomes a way to address identity, and not only for ethnic minorities, but for the disabled, gay, feminists, and so on.I do think there’s been a balkanization of memoir and essay, so that they’re geared toward different groups.In fact, the essay has been one of the ways that minorities have seized attention.I’ve been gathering material for this American essay anthology, taking the perspective that there are brilliant essays in every walk of life: science, politics, religion, anthropology, psychiatry.

They shouldn’t have to apologize because there’s a lot of middling work in the field.

Whether something is a formal essay, or a piece of cultural criticism, there’s the same issue of personality, of character, narrator.

Even if the narrator never uses the word “I,” there’s an implicit sense of the author behind it.

Phillip Lopate has left an indelible mark on the literary world.

Through both his own writing and the editing of landmark anthologies, he has reestablished the art of the personal essay.

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But I know that I have certain inclinations, tastes, and blind spots.

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