Polar Bear Research Paper

Posted by / 10-Aug-2020 07:45

But to hear climate denialists tell it, polar bears are doing just fine.

Crockford declined to be interviewed by phone or answer questions in writing.

Keeping polar bears separate from people is better for both—as polar bears that wander into communities pose a risk to people, and people often respond by killing the bears.

WWF has responded with a variety of locally-led initiatives to help reduce conflict.

About 80 percent of the contrarian websites that the researchers studied referred to Dr. The publication of the article is likely to intensify a furor in contrarian circles that began four months ago after an “early view” version of the paper appeared on the Bio Science website. A post on Climate Audit, a blog popular with climate skeptics, called the article “a hit piece” and dismissed it as “yet another piece of propaganda to push a Climate Change agenda.” The Global Warming Policy Foundation, a pro-fossil fuel think tank in Britain that has published briefing papers by Dr.

Crockford, chimed in with the headline, “14 Climate Bullies Attack Susan Crockford for Telling the Truth About Polar Bears.”The authors of the paper also came under fire.

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