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The years Leah spent in Kilanga changed her pre-conceived notions on race and race relations.Coming from Bethlehem, Georgia, she, like the other members of her family, at first believed all Africans to be heathen savages.Barbara Kingsolver’s The Poisonwood Bible follows the Price family after their decision to go to the Congo as missionaries.The story is told through the eyes of the mother, Orleanna, and her four daughters- Rachel, Leah, Adah, and Ruth May.Nathan, whose task in life allows no room to love and nurture his children, is blind to her efforts.Kingsolver sums up Leah’s relationship to Nathan here, describing Leah as saying,“I was thrilled by the mere fact of his speaking to me in this gentle, somewhat personal way.Leah’s relationship with her father differs greatly from the one she has with her mother.She adores Nathan, and does everything she can to be accepted in his eyes.

Leah is the stronger of a set of twins, and a tomboy on top of that.

However, like the Congo, the women were able to break free in their individual ways and fight for their existence.

One of two living sisters who remained in Zaire after its independence, Leah Price underwent an incredible transformation from the daughter of a Georgia preacher to a mother of four.

A few missionaries, ignoring the warnings given to them, still went into the Congo in the hope of turning souls to God. A war veteran and a Southern Baptist preacher, he gave himself the authority to take dominion over anything he wanted to, believing that the American government, as well as God, supported him.

Nathan brought his family into the Congo in 1959, not knowing that this would spark a change of events that would change his family forever.__________________________________________________________Leah Price does not seem to have a deep, personal relationship with her mother.

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