Picture Analysis Essay Major Kinds Of Essay

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Picture Analysis Essay

This photo essay is like the transformation essay but on a short-term basis.Think about men growing their moustaches for Movember.Life goes by so fast that we often forget what something looked like, compared to how it looks now.Have you seen the movie ‘Smoke‘ with Harvey Keitel?There will also be bystanders standing on the sides watching it all unfold. Transformation is one of the most used photo essay topics, and that is because it is a great way to show change.

They allow you to be creative and fully explore an idea. Choose one that you can do easily based on your photographic level and equipment. You will find people, some will be standing, some will be moving, some will be holding banners and signs. Try to capture the essence and atmosphere of the protest itself.

They might be fundraisers, farmers’ markets, dances and festivals or food and music. Here, you will capture candid images of people going about their way.

This is a great way to practise capturing emotions and atmosphere. It is where you enter an abandoned building for the sake of (interest and) photography.

Repeat this until you are comfortable enough to give this as a tour.

Once you know that route inside out, start again in a different area.

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