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Photos To Inspire Creative Writing

Every writer needs to find inspiration in order to produce inspired writing. If I’m anywhere public, whether it be at a park or a mall or my workplace, sometimes I’ll eavesdrop on people.And sometimes, it can come from the unlikeliest sources. I read writers I love (read about my current loves) and then I steal from them, analyze their writing, get inspired by their greatness. If you normally read just a couple of your favorite authors, try branching out into something different. Not in a gross way or anything, but I’ll just keep quiet, and listen. Sometimes it doesn’t happen on purpose — you can’t help but overhear people sometimes.

Stories about people who have triumphed over adversity. Not because I think it’ll tell me something about myself or my future or past, but because dreams are so interesting in their complete disregard for the rules of reality, for their otherworldness and plot twists.21. Just a plain notebook will do, although a nice journal can be motivating. If you usually take one route to work, try a couple others. When I was training for my first marathon, for example, I read all kinds of success stories of people who had run their first marathon. There are success stories for writing, or anything else you’d like to do, that will inspire your brains out.

Good for its writing style, its voice, its rhythm and ability to pull you along to the end. And bad magazines, while perhaps not the best models for writing, can still be inspirations for ideas for good blog posts.

These magazines, as they don’t draw readers with great writing, find interesting story angles to attract an audience.5. Sometimes, while watching a movie, a character will say something so interesting that I’ll say, “That would make a great blog post! ” Sometimes screenwriters can write beautiful dialog.

The work of the other writers inspired me to do better.11. I like to go to various quote sites to find ideas to spark my writing, turns of phrase that show what can be done with the language, motivation for self-improvement. Appreciate the beauty around you, and let the inspiration flow through you.

Try these for a start: Writing Quotes and Quotes for Writers.13. Sunsets and sunrises, of course, are two of my favorite uplifting scenes of nature, and anything involving water is also awesome (oceans, rivers, lakes, rain, rivulets, even puddles).14. It can be unexpected, but great people in history can inspire you to greatness.

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No matter how much you love writing, there will always be days when you need inspiration from one muse or another.