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Posted by / 19-Feb-2020 11:55

There are two main ways of approaching a photo essay – thematically or narratively.I’ve chosen a series of images for my photo essay here with a thematic structure, showing the market as the overall theme.By shooting these three image types you will build up a broader perspective on your subject.At a market, I’m always looking to capture a great wide shot showing the lively hustle and bustle and feel of the overall vibe of the market.I asked this fishmonger with the lovely smile tray of smoked mackerel to pose for me.

One of the locations we visit is the local fresh market here in Chiang Mai, Thailand, so I’ll use images from this market to illustrate the point in this article.

Find a good location where the lighting and background are pleasing and you will not be obstructing anyone, and shoot a lot. Watch and see the flow of what’s happening and anticipate the best time to shoot.

If your chosen subject is more static you might want to include a single prominent feature in some of your wide shots.

These shots will show a more intimate view of your subject, draw the viewer deeper in, and help them connect with your story.

At the markets, I like to shoot environmental portraits, often of the people who work there.

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Including some of their surroundings supports the theme by developing the context of my story.