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A photo essay will often show pictures in deep emotional stages.

Photo essays range from purely photographic works to photographs with captions or small comments to full text essays illustrated with photographs.

Possibilities, discovery, and stories: these are some of the most effective elements of a photo essay.

Collections of images can help produce a narrative, evoke emotion, and guide the viewer through one or more perspectives.

Read all of our end-of-the-year round-ups, in all of these categories: • Top Stories Of The Year • Infographics • Photography • Maps • Buildings • Design • Cities • Food • Transportation • Innovative Workplaces • Bikes • Collaborative Consumption • Energy • Crowdfunding • Robots • Environment • Health • Education There’s something they say about words and pictures, so we won’t belabor this too much.

Below you’ll find some of the most eye-catching photographs we ran on the site in the last year.

We see him from above, surrounded by grey cobblestones neatly placed, a broken plastic chair, and some pylons scattered along the curb.Strong photo essays can give voice to marginalized individuals and shine a spotlight on previously overlooked experiences.You don’t necessarily need to be a documentary photographer to create a powerful photo essay.As the eye wanders throughout the frame, however, the viewer discovers more: a vast city cast beyond the street and behind the man’s chair.This image closes Sarah Pannell’s photo essay a quiet study of urban life.

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