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Percussion Assignment Chart

We know that our students will learn more quickly and become better performers.The following are some suggestions to help reach the goal of maintaining an efficient and well organized percussion section.Set these instruments behind, or near the upper woodwinds since composers typically orchestrate these two groups together.Vibes and marimba are used less often, usually in slower and less rhythmic passages.Adding small hand percussion parts (tambourine, triangle, cowbell, suspended cymbal, congas) will help to keep everyone busy rather than dividing the drum set part among many players.Keyboard Instruments Placing the xylophone, bells and the chimes next to each other will help facilitate fast instrument changes. Few, if any of us ever achieve the ultimate, organized percussion section year after year.

Placing the suspended cymbal between the bass drum and crash cymbal players will allow either player to cover the part if fast changes are required.Drum Set Place the drum set as close to the center of the band as possible for good ensemble balance and precision.For music involving drum set style parts, placing a suspended cymbal to the right of the snare drum and a high hat on the left, will allow the snare drummer to play the music with a more convincing “feel.” Only two players (bass and snare) need to coordinate the part rhythmically.I have found that leaving the stands set up, storing and securing only the snare drum, cymbals, bass drum mallets, and small instruments (tambourine, triangle, wood block, etc.) while covering the larger instruments, makes for a quick set up at the beginning of rehearsal, and consistently organized section.The percussion section can be arranged differently, depending on repertoire requirements and the preference of the band or orchestra director.

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Neatly arranged and well maintained equipment sets the tone for the rehearsal and the year.

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