Peer Review Of Essays Ip Multimedia Subsystem Dissertation

Posted by / 11-Apr-2020 18:20

A peer review of your research paper is different than the editing process that you go through.

Rather than you going through each section, citation, argument in your paper, someone else does.

This not only allows you to receive feedback on your paper, but it also develops your skills in providing feedback and looking for specific elements in a paper. Whether you're passing your paper off or reviewing a paper, your skills in writing can be greatly enhanced.

In the peer review process, it's helpful to have a plan of action in addressing the paper.

Whether you're the author or the reviewer (or both), these five questions can help focus your attention on key components of the assignment and enhance your skills.

But from the opening to the main arguments to the concluding statement, the purpose of the paper should be obvious.

As a peer reviewer, you can help the author determine if both the audience and purpose of the paper are clearly established early on in the paper.

For example, if the paper contains a lot of jargon and industry-specific language, you could infer that the audience would be familiar with those terms.

If not, you may want to suggest using less jargon or explaining the terms used.

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You've put in the work of researching, reading, writing and revising your paper.