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I have now updated and expanded it slightly, and pass it on with deep sadness at the loss this remarkable man. test to make sure he could really handle the school.

“Don’t forget to knock the cowshit off your boots” was advice David Wyman long treasured from a fellow volunteer fireman in rural New Hampshire when Wyman was accepted into Harvard, at 32, for graduate studies. Having taught sixth grade and high school, with two young children to support, he had wanted to go on to become a teacher at a small college somewhere—certainly not a scholar (he didn’t consider himself an intellectual). Perhaps somebody else went on to study the Progressive Era in (conservative) New Hampshire or perhaps the subject is still up for grabs.

His father would relentlessly say “Put yourself in the other guy’s shoes.” “It’s the gift from my parents that I feel best about,” he recalled.

“We were taught not just tolerance, but a high degree of respect for all different people.” Sadly, neither his parents nor his brother lived to see the success David achieved seeking to live up to those standards.

But as with all righteously-inclined people I have come to know something about, Wyman had important role models as he grew up.

In this article, we will focus on how to effectively collect theoretical and empirical data.

Nevertheless, there are some hidden methods that can help you get the most out of your sources. This can help you see what other approaches have been taken and in what aspects they focused on.

In addition, pay close attention to the list of references and follow the bread-crumbs back to the original theories and specialized authors.

Wyman’s childhood was during the Depression and the virulently antisemitic years of the late 1930s.

His father had found a job as a milkman, whose route brought him through a Jewish community; Wyman remembered that his father had only positive things to say about the people along the milk route.

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In the end, having in mind what type of outcome you intend and how much time you count on will lead you to choose the best type of empirical data for your research.