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Operations Management Assignment

Agile business technique: Agile Business Model is a comparatively new and lightweight approach that merges business development strategies with different agile principles to form a flexible organization.

This model will be immensely helpful for CC music since the organization will also be capable to support itself during any crisis regarding organization and managing shows payment collection etc.

Plug and play option rates are – per resource per month (Hammer 2015).

Chris and Clive also have experience in teaching music therefore they can also manage the available resources within the company using an effective inventory management system, such as Music 3d.

Chris as well as Clive can use this technique to communicate their latest gig updates as well as information about upcoming tours and music albums to the concerned authorities such as the recording studios, producers, event managers using computerized technologies using the workflow technique.

This model technique can be used to store the data about the events of CC music as well as the band information, financial calculations in computers (Salnitri, Dalpiaz and Giorgini 2014).

It involves analyzing (present scenario) as well as modelling (future scenario) of the business processes within CC Music.

Relevant information from the different processes are captured such as gathering of information, modelling of business process, workflow modelling, execution, implementation as well as Verification within CC music (Bocken 2014).

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Flowchart Technique: The flowchart technique makes use of various kinds of boxes to depict the stages of the management process, and their order of functioning are represented using arrows.

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