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Oedipus The King Hubris Essay

He may begin motivated by a genuine desire to help the people, but what emerges throughout is different.

“But not to assist some distant kinsman, no, / for my own sake I’ll rid us of this corruption.

He is portrayed as a character of social conscience whose tragedy stresses the vulnerability of human beings whose suffering is brought on by a combination of human and divine actions.

Oedipus was often looked upon as exceptional rather than typical; a prominent man brought from happiness to misery.

Oedipus cannot let a murder investigation go by without solving the riddle of who killed King Laius because his pride overpowers him.

When Creon returns and bring back Apollo’s word, he could leave the murder of Laius uninvestigated, but pride and justice cause him to act.

First, he summons Tiresias to name the killer, whom Oedipus does not at the time believe to be himself.

Second, the tragic hero emerges as anything but a social person.

He obviously knew his heroic status when he greeted the citizens of Thebes before the palace doors saying, “I thought it wrong, my children, to hear the truth / from others, messengers.

Here I am myself- / you all know me, the world knows of my fame: / I am Oedipus.” (ll.

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A literary tragedy presents courageous individuals who confront powerful forces within or outside themselves with a dignity that reveals the depth of the human spirit in the face of failure, defeat, and even death.

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