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For example, if students do really well in a test or answer questions correctly in class the teacher could give them a sweet or phone their parents and praise them that way.Therefore, every time a student does something good they could be rewarded for it and associate good behaviour with a reward.Research has shown that viewers of Sesame Street were better prepared to learn to read and do arithmetic, and this readiness seemed to be a result of watching the show and not of other variables, such as how educated their parents were or how much they read to their children.The advantage held even through secondary school, with students who had watched the programme at age 5 gaining consistently higher grades in English, Mathematics and Science compared than those who had not watched the programme at a young age.Describe the study that the article links to (aim, method, results, conclusion) 2. ) [5 marks] = Outline the study it links to [3 marks] = Relate to the article If there is no link to the article than you cannot get higher than 4 marks Model Answer: (SUMMARY) “Bandura studies 72 children from Stanford University nursery school.Explain how the study is relevant to the source material (How does it fit? Children observed an aggressive model, non-aggressive-aggressive model or no model.This should increase reliability and validity as there will be more context towards their answers.However, a weakness of my questionnaire is that the questions are quite broad in nature and may not gather enough specific information about the incident from the victim.

Children were then observed through a one-way mirror for 20 minutes whilst observers recorded behaviour every 5 seconds into predetermined categories e.g. Children in the aggressive condition showed significantly more imitation of physical and verbal aggressive behaviour than children in the non-aggressive behaviour than children in the nonaggressive or control conditions.

They are asked questions that covers everything that you would need to find out as uses open questions and requires qualitative data so will be rich in context.

They were asked questions such as " Describe how you felt after the accident" which is an open question so allows them to put lots of answers.

Teachers could punish bad behaviour in students to encourage them to behave better in the future by stating that they could not go and play outside if they had behaved badly. If it says discuss then include both sides of the strategy 2 or more evaluation points and all supported by evidence P: Strength/weakness E: Evidence of why From the cognitive area, Loftus and Palmer links to this source.

Also teachers could use social learning theory to encourage positive behaviours for example by rewarding good behaviour with a sweet to encourage others who have observed that behaviour to behave in the same way so that they can be rewarded (vicarious conditioning).” (PLUS, ONE MORE TECH) d) Evaluate the techniques you suggested in the question above [10]       Strengths and weaknesses of the strategies Can include issues and debates Would it be effective? Loftus and Palmer wanted to investigate how information provided to a witness after an event will influence their memory.

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This relates to the source as this shows how a leading question can affect your memory of an event and how an incident occurs.