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Occupational Therapy Essay

Education Making a difference in the lives of people has always been my passion.

Having the thought that people from different walks of life suffer unimaginable illnesses makes a cold shiver run down my spine.

By providing right treatment to the patient, the occupational therapist may help correct the physical and mental......, occupational therapy also needs to continue developing its philosophical and theoretical basis, which usually implies a need for more exploratory methodologies.The patient’s experiences, reported by them, friends or relatives, as well as examinations aimed... College: Occupational Therapists Occupational therapists are medical practitioners who assist patients in improving theircapability of performing tasks in living and working environment.They work with patients suffering from emotionally disabling condition, mental illness, physical and developmental issues.The OTR has final blame for oversee any OT action program in which a taught OT helper may provide interference to scholars (Pizzi, M, 2001, 44, 257-263). Occupational therapy, a therapy that is developing each growing day, can be an essential area for concentration for research and application as relevant to stroke patients.Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant The certified occupational therapy assistant (COTA) supported in the appraisal procedure; collaborate with the OT to expand and adapt the educational diagram, counting treatment objectives and standards; and provides...... This writer had an opportunity to assist in her care while she was admitted to the hospital following a trip and fall in the shower few days back, and she was admitted to the hospital due to her age of 82, frailty, baseline neurological disorder of Alzheimer's disease with gradually declining cognition and deteriorating mobility, and lack of support at home and community, for further assessment and evaluation. The benefits of exposing the stroke patients to the benefits of occupational therapy can help add more health to his/her present state of condition.

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