Nfl Officials Assignments

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Nfl Officials Assignments

After Vinovich told Riveron that it wasn't his play and it wasn't his call, Cavaletto told Riveron it simply was a "bang-bang" call. in only the last three years of that span, after relocating from St. Vinovich's regular-season crew -- which features two of the other three officials from Southern California -- also officiated the Rams' regular-season losses this season to the Saints and Eagles, which contributed to New Orleans earning the No.

But then the officiating crew was shown a replay of Robey-Coleman plowing into Lewis before the ball arrived, and the room went quiet, according to a league source. In another interesting twist, before the conference title game, Rams fans launched a petition to prevent Vinovich from working their team's game because Los Angeles had gone 0-8 in games that Vinovich had officiated since 2012. 1 seed and getting home-field advantage in last Sunday's game.

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The league used to routinely ensure that certain referees would not officiate games in which the host was playing in the hometown of that referee.

There is a perception of bias that the league either ignored or was blind to when it assigned this crew to this game.

It ultimately could wind up influencing officiating assignments in the future, according to a league source, to make sure a scenario like this does not happen again."The NFL put [itself] in a bad situation," one officiating source told ESPN.

In the latest twist to the still-simmering controversy from last Sunday's NFC Championship Game, there is some concern in league circles about the NFL's judgment in allowing four game officials who live in Southern California to work the game between the Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints, league sources told ESPN.

Those same four officials -- all with long ties to Southern California -- were the ones most responsible for the non-call on Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman's early, helmet-to-helmet hit on Saints wide receiver Tommylee Lewis that was widely viewed as pass interference.

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This is a different issue for the NFL, but it is likely to trigger more discussion about how the officials assignments were made and how they will be executed in the future.

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