Negative Effects Of Movies On Essay

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Even if the specific genre is not a type for educational purpose, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are useless or violent to children.As generally everyone knows: all movies have a storyline, no matter what way it is, just like a book.Many people begin to argue that movies are positive or negative to the society for various reasons.Nowadays, there are more amounts of people who go against movies, as they mostly fear of common problems, such as children having a chance of attempting to make risky actions from what they have watched from “action and adventure” kind of movies.

People in the United States call it movie, while in Europe they call it film.This essay gives a brief history of how movies were developed in the first place.This not only gives a bit of experience of how the movies were developed, but also the purpose of making the movie itself.If we go through the history of movies, we will realise that movie itself is a history.The skills, stories and contents have been developed / changed in accordance with our history.

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Movie is one of the most powerful communication tools we have ever developed so far. And now it is not just an entertainment, but it is a centre of culture. We see other languages, lifestyles, clothes, instruments, houses, roads, buildings and landscapes, we hear other songs and sounds, we learn other thoughts and philosophies, and we feel other emotions on the movie than what we used to.

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