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Mystery Heroism Essays

One of the most important qualities to remember is that anti-heroes rarely, if ever, reflect society’s higher values—or what we like to think of as our society’s values; their thinking and values are often antithetical to those of the norm.For example, the sort of traits valued by most members of society—such as honesty, strength, integrity, and compassion—will not always be exhibited by an anti-hero in a story.Like all main characters, understanding an anti-hero’s character arc is crucial in designating his role in your story.After all, you’ll need to know if his good behavior is accidental, or if he is redeemed by the story’s events.Mac Donald’s Travis Mc Gee comes to mind, as does Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean films.Robin Hood was an anti-hero, as was Wolf Larsen in Jack London’s .Anti-heroes can be obnoxious, pitiful, or charming, but they are always failed heroes or deeply flawed.

An anti-hero is a protagonist who typically lacks the traditional traits and qualities of a hero, such as trustworthiness, courage, and honesty. Often, an anti-hero is unorthodox and might flaunt laws or act in ways contrary to society’s standards.

Of course, there have always been real-life anti-heroes, such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Wild Bill Hickock, Calamity Jane, and Bonnie and Clyde.

Sometimes fast living, sometimes an outcast, and never superhuman, this character type provides you with lots of latitude in exploring themes and issues, often amid a true-to-life environment.

As we’ve just discussed, an anti-hero is a character that the reader roots for, despite his flaws and the bad things he’s done or how he justifies these misdeeds.

Sometimes the anti-hero is able to toe the line between good and evil, but often he’s a danger to himself and others.

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One trick to creating an anti-hero is to fashion his primary traits so that his essential nature and personality are clear to you as you craft each scene he appears in.

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