My Neighborhood Essay

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Title My Neighborhood is Great Introduction I really love my neighborhood. Of course, when the kids get home, there is more noise; but, it is relatively quiet all day in my neighborhood. The police drive around it Paragraph everyday and the kids play outside with no problems.

Even though it has the regular amount Paragraph of noise of any place, there are many peaceful moments.

Conclusion In conclusion, my neighborhood is a great place to live.

We used to do our daily exercises so that it would strengthen our bones and muscles for the climb.

On the D-day we were so excited that we kids could not control it. First we kids were allowed to climb for a small height. Stepping on the foot of a mountain to climb it is really exciting.

We were briefed with the risks involved and so we were not ready to take so much of the risk.

This was truly an adventurous journey that I`ve had so far.

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In some cases when is would rain, my sisters and would play house on the porch.

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