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Msc Dissertation Results Section

Don’t worry if you think your results or findings section is short.

You can make observations about your findings or results, but you shouldn’t attempt to interpret them in this section- wait for your discussion section to do this.

Results are the ultimate objective of scientific research: here you summarize the data collected and the statistical treatment of them.

Therefore, this section consists of the observations and measurements recorded while conducting the procedures described in the methods section.

If there are multiple trials or multiple groups, then subheadings should be used to label what is being discussed.

To characterize the functional architecture and dynamics of local networks in A1, we performed in vivo two-photon calcium imaging in anesthetized, freely breathing mice (Fig. We loaded cells in the auditory cortex with a mixture of Fluo-4 a.m.

and SR101 using the multicell bolus loading technique.

This section of your dissertation is arguably the easiest for you to write.

If you have problems with this section discuss them with your tutor and if necessary a statistician in another of the university’s departments.

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Feel free to use subheadings in the Results section.

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