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Mortgage Backed Securities Thesis

She grew up in Boulder, Colo., the daughter of a physics professor and full-time homemaker.

A gifted violinist, Barnett-Hart deferred admission at Harvard to attend Juilliard, where she was accepted into a program studying the violin under Itzhak Perlman.

My dissertation consists of three chapters that contribute to our understanding of the causes of the crisis.

My first chapter is an empirical study on potential misrepresentation of CMBS.

This paper examines important financial variables reported in financial documentation of commercial mortgages such as Underwritten Net Operating Income (UW NOI).

She enjoyed how the subject mixed current events with history, got an A (natch) and declared economics her concentration.

As a longitudinal extension to this valuation model, we also investigate the price dynamics of securitised debt.

A multi-factor GARCH process is applied as an econometric specification of the heteroskedasticity of secondary market spreads of selected types of ABS transactions for valuation and forecasting purposes.

In light of the substantial valuation uncertainty in securitisation markets, we conclude with a simple one-shot auction model, in which issuers maximise net payoffs from securitised debt under "winner's curse"-type underpricing as agency cost of adverse selection.

In particular, we study how uninformed investment demand at varying degrees of valuation uncertainty affects the utility of endogenous price discovery by informed investors.

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Last October, Barnett-Hart, already pulling all-nighters at the bank (we agreed to not name her employer), received a call from Lewis, who had heard about her thesis from a Harvard doctoral student. “It was a classic example of the innocent going to Wall Street and asking the right questions,” said Mr.