Mobile Marketing Campaign Case Study

Posted by / 27-Feb-2021 07:38

Mobile Marketing Campaign Case Study

Asset optimization is something that is the most important part of ASO strategy because it is one of the things that is under your direct control.So, Kabam decided to create 3 variations of their app page: Silke Glauninger is the Marketing Manager at App Radar, an App Marketing software that helps app developers and marketers all around the world growing their app business.They didn’t have any Facebook friends integration, no direct links to social media platform and no push notification.This makes the success of the game more impressive as no advertising campaigns were run.

Indie developers do not have huge budgets to run advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook.It’s always great to maximize downloads but it should not be your end goal.Apps are all about engagement and if you are not getting it, it’s useless.Guidecentral understood this early and were able to achieve the success they are having right now without any huge investment.Advertising costs are skyrocketing in the digital world.

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Another great example of a game that topped Apple App Store was Color Switch. David Reichelt, developer of the game, completed the game in 1 week.