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Minority Report Book Wiki

The wording here implies there is a total lack of any professional scientists who support and engage in creation science—a claim which is flat out wrong.According to Wikipedia’s policy on neutrality, “Articles must not take sides, but should explain the sides, fairly and without editorial bias.A 2010 study on Wikipedia editors shows that the greatest number of editors are in the USA (20%), followed by Germany (12%) and Russia (7%).The only non-Western country in the top 10 was India (3%), which of course also has a strong Western influence due to the history of British colonialism there. The trend among younger people in the USA is also towards the acceptance of Darwinism and rejection of biblical creation according to a Pew Research Center report (according to one reporter, “ …Here, the ‘consensus’ is really only the agreement of a relative few people who, by chance, happen to be the only ones monitoring a given page at a given time.This means that the less popular a page is, the more likely it is to contain errors and bias, or, in the words of wiki expert Alexander Halavais, “The high-traffic areas are going to be the cleanest.” Even high-traffic areas, though, are not going to be free of bias if the topic is of a controversial or contentious nature.Wikipedia is rife with overt falsehoods and bias against biblical creationists.It is serving to reinforce this bias across the world as Wikipedia continues to see broader and broader application.

How else can we ever hope to see a positive change?Who gets to determine what constitutes significant or reliable?Well, the editors themselves, as it turns out—that means you, me, and literally anyone with a computer who knows how to edit Wikipedia.Creationists even also publish in secular peer-reviewed journals as well!“Creation science is a pseudoscientific attempt to map the Bible into scientific facts.

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More recently, Google was embarrassed by a gaffe in which their search results pulled data automatically from Wikipedia which labeled the California GOP (Republican party) as Nazis—attributed by Google and Wikipedia to ‘vandalism’.