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They are also involved in regulating cognition and mood, Bilbo says.

She explored the brain's immune cells by infecting infant rats with the bacterium four days after birth, a developmental period comparable to the third trimester of pregnancy in humans.

"I see inflammation as one of the chief evils in mammalian biology," Pace says.

Of course, the immune system serves a critical function—and not just for fighting disease.

But environmental factors can also boost risk – sometimes considerably.

Learning to accept your condition and recognize what you need to do to treat it, seeking support, and helping educate others can make a big difference."And because the immune system impacts brain function, they are altered behaviorally." That same pattern appears in many neurodegenerative diseases in humans, she says."A peripheral infection will suddenly make mental functions decline sharply, and you can measure concentrations of cytokines in the cerebrospinal fluid that were previously undetectable." Other animal studies have further filled in some details. New research suggests the seeds of psychological problems are planted well before birth.Schizophrenia, for example, is often thought of as a genetic disorder.

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The risk is three times greater in people whose mothers had the flu during pregnancy, for example, while maternal iron deficiency during pregnancy increases the offspring's risk of the disease fourfold. Schizophrenia isn't the only mental illness linked to prenatal events.