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When he drove through adoring crowds, standing in his Volks­wagen convertible, giving the Nazi salute, the newsreel cameras were there. Toward the end of the decade, President Roosevelt began searching for ways to urge Americans to take a unified stand against fascism.

In 1933, the With coordinated newspaper headlines overpowering him, with radio voices beseeching him, with news reels and feature pictures arousing him, and with politicians and professors philosophizing for him, the individual German has been unable to salvage his identity and has been engulfed in a brown wave. Given the rise of right-wing fervor in the United States at the time, he had reason to worry.

On February 20, 1939, the Bund brought more than 22,000 Americans to New York’s Madison Square Garden to welcome fascism to American shores.

Now, however, Americans were catching sight of the internet.And the same networked methods of organizing that so many thought would bring down malevolent states have not only failed to do so—think of the Arab Spring—but have instead empowered autocrats to more closely monitor protest and dissent.If we’re going to resist the rise of despotism, we need to understand how this happened and why we didn’t see it coming.Americans were more open, individualistic, expressive, collaborative, and tolerant, and so more at home in loose coalitions.Whatever kind of propaganda medium the Committee promoted would need to preserve the individuality of American citizens.

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We especially need to grapple with the fact that today’s right wing has taken advantage of a decades-long effort to decentralize our media.

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