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Maths Coursework Marking

There are also university-level generic assessment criteria, which are contained in volume II of the university calendar.

The summative assessment for the majority of the modules in the department is by written examination.

Where, for reasons beyond your control or that of your department, your circumstances could not be mitigated at the time (if they seriously affect your studies for a long time, making it impossible to catch up, or coincide with the production of a piece of coursework or the date of an examination, where it is not possible to mitigate the circumstances by granting an extension), you may wish to inform the Board of Examiners of these circumstances using the Serious Adverse Circumstances form.

This form should be submitted as early as possible; for circumstances occurring during the examination period, it is expected that it will be submitted within five days of the occurrence.

For the project modules it is based on assessment of project reports; assessment of projects presentations to an audience, and assessment of the poster.

Details of the summative assessment methods for each module can be found on the official module descriptions in the Faculty Handbook.

But you must put the request in as soon as the problem arises (i.e. The department has a formal policy on assessment and a set of generic assessment criteria setting out the level of achievement required at each mark level.Exam results will be available to you on-line before a Departmental interview held early in the last week of Easter term.You will be emailed the time and place of your interviews.Official transcripts are available from Student Registry on payment of the appropriate fee.Candidates should not approach examiners individually to raise issues about examinations as this may jeopardise any formal appeal.

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Examination papers are usually set by the lecturer(s) for the module, who produce questions, marking schemes and model solutions.

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