Math Problem Solving Process

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Make Categories: You may want to group problems into larger categories during this conversation and invite students to help you do so.For example, if two suggestions are "finding my keys" and "finding my homework" suggest a larger category of "finding lost things".

On a sheet of paper I want you to brainstorm as many different kinds of problems as you can and be ready to share with the class.

Discuss: Students should silently record their ideas in writing for a couple minutes.

Afterwards invite them to share what they wrote with a neighbor and then finally bring the whole class together to develop a classwide list.

This will be useful when you later ask students to select one type of problem that you believe they're particularly good at solving.

Prompt: We use the term "problem" to refer to lots of different situations.

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Goal: For this first conversation in particular you're making sure students understand the meaning of the four different steps.