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Candidates may apply as seniors or within two years of graduating from their undergraduate college or university.

Any subject of study is welcomed, except pursuit of professional degrees and some other restrictions, outlined in the Rules for Candidates.

Your letter provides information critical to their endorsement decision.

Seniors and alumni must apply through the Amherst campus process, which includes receiving essay feedback and guidance from the Director of Fellowships; submitting an application by the internal deadline of August 28, 2019 noon; and requesting that recommenders submit letters by that date as well.To be eligible, applicants must first be selected as Marshall Scholars, applying in the usual way.Any Marshall Scholar who is selected for research in a bio-medical/Science field can be put forward to the NIH for consideration. Marshall Scholars (awardees) who are pursuing a three-year Ph D at Cambridge may apply for the Cambridge Marshall Ph D Scholarship which will fund the third year of the Ph D (of which the Marshall only funds two).Application materials: The Marshall application requires the candidate to write college-level work.Application components and instructions are described in detail on the Marshall Application page.

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During early September, all candidates will be interviewed by the campus Committee on Student Fellowships, who will decide whom to endorse as AC nominees to Marshall.

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